Twist™ Tensioner

The patented Martin® Twist™ Tensioner uses energy from a twisted rubber coupling to supply consistent belt cleaning pressure with minimal adjustment.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Martin® Twist™ Tensioner can be used on either pre-cleaners or secondary cleaners
  • Rubber element maintains cleaning pressure with minimal belt cleaner re-tensioning required
  • Tensioner allows mechanical splices to pass without damage
  • Twist the tensioning gear the specified number of notches (determined by belt width). Ratchet will automatically lock in place.
  • If blades pull through, the tensioner's coupling rolls over, releasing pressure and reducing the risk of harm to personnel or equipment
  • Light aluminum housing and the fully enclosed design keeps the tensioner mechanism clean

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Brochure - Belt Cleaning Solutions Download
Tech Data Sheet - Twist™ Tensioner Download
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