Improve your efficiency by upgrading to the most advanced chute structure products on the market.

Martin ® Chute Structure products represent a new concept in conveyor architecture, as well as new strategies for controlling fugitive material and airborne dust. As a result, these products lead to a safer work environment and chute structures that are easier to inspect and maintain.

Because Martin® Chute Structure products are manufactured as modular components, they can be used to build a whole system or installed as individual components to complement an existing system. Once installed and operational, they are highly efficient at protecting the contents of the flow stream from climatic factors like humidity or wind, while keeping bulk material contained to the flow stream.

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Increased Productivity
  • Keep material in the flow stream by eliminating fugitive material
  • Move more material faster through your process
  • Eliminate unexpected downtime for maintenance and housekeeping
Safer Operation
  • Eliminate the risk of airborne dust igniting and causing an explosion
  • Protect workers from bulk material spilling from chutes at transfer points
  • Eliminate the need for unnecessary maintenance and housekeeping
More Profit
  • Keeping material in the flow stream means more throughput and more profit
  • Improved safety practices save money on lost man-hours and non-compliance
  • Ease of service minimizes costs and downtime due to maintenance shutdowns
Available Models

Foundations™ for Conveyor Safety

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